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Your dogs, cats and horses immortalised in glass or on paper.

Pickwick Glass is owned and run by me, Pete Lancaster. It's a 'bijou' stained glass studio, specialising in creating beautiful and unique glass pieces for homes, pubs, hotels, churches, castles and so on.

As well as creating
stained glass to commission, we regularly produce period windows in whatever style is suitable for the building in which they are to be fitted - usually Victorian or Edwardian. We also repair and renovate stained glass panels and Leaded Lights using the materials and techniques which have not changed for hundreds of years.

I was originally trained in the art and craft of Stained Glass at the Reigate School of Art and Design around 30 years ago. In the years since, I've explored various fields - fine art, advertising, new media, consultancy and so on - but have always retained my love for, and practice of, Stained Glass. For the last 12 years it has been my sole focus.

As a studio, we have a team of craftsmen on call, including Joiners / Carpenters, Stonemasons, Bricklayers and specialist Decorators who are available to undertake some of the more arcane aspects of fitting windows into unusual spaces.

The studio / workshop is located at Newton Farm, in Ashchurch, just outside Tewkesbury.

Please feel free to get in touch to ask any questions at all about Stained Glass, even if you don't want any. I'll do my best to answer as comprehensively as I can. The best way is probably by email at:
It'd best to put something like 'Stained Glass Question' in the subject line so I know its not spam.

Otherwise you could try calling on:
07932 001858.
If I don't answer its likely that I'm in the middle of soldering, or of painting a delicate bit of glass, so please leave a message!

Never did get the hang of the piano...
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