Stained Glass Title
Pets and Ponies - Immortalised

Your beloved animals, on paper or on glass.

For years I have been producing drawings of people's dogs, cats, horses and even sheep! These have usually been created with pencil and paper, but more recently I have been producing glass paintings of people's animals. This process involves painting onto the glass with a mixture of finely ground glass, various metallic oxides, gum arabic and water. The glass is then fired in the kiln to just about melting point. This results in the 'paint' becoming fused permanently into the surface of the glass.

I usually work from photographs, the ideal being that you select a photo that you feel captures the character of the animal for me to work from.

Pencil drawings cost between £150 and £350 depending upon subject and size. As a rule of thumb, glass paintings cost between £250 and £500, but this depends very much on what the surrounding glass, if any, is like.

Grace drawing

A pencil drawing of a very perky Jack Russell!  I took the original photograph myself and I think this drawing clearly captures the character of the dog. Strangely, it quite often happens that a drawing of a pet from a photograph seems to have more of the animal's character and personality in it than the original photograph does!

A kitten called 'Barney'. This again is a pencil drawing.
Jumping horse

'Santa' winning the Foxhunter Show.

'Buster', an absolutely lovely, but lugubrious, Labrador.
Dog glass painting
This is a glass painting of another Labrador. The client wanted this panel to fit in his front door as a permanent memorial to his, sadly, deceased pet. The surrounding glass was designed and built to fit into the existing aperture in the door.
Horse in yard
Somebody's favourite pony!
Jumping horse
Another pony!

If you would lke to commission either a drawing or a glass painting or your dog(s), cat(s), horse(s) or any other animal, please e-mail me on or call on 07932 001858.